What do you feel you have accomplished in this course, in particular, with your Technology Integration Activity? 

I feel that I have gained a more comprehensive understanding of the types available technology that I can incorporate into my teaching.  I feel proud of how I was able to incorporate technology into a lesson without it being simply an add-on or filler.  I have a better understanding of how to evaluate technology for use in both my personal and professional life.   

Where do you see your strengths with the integration of digital technologies in education now, at the end of the course? 

One of my strengths is being willing to try any new idea in education at least once, or more with different groups.  I enjoy looking at new ways that technology can be used and to challenge myself and my students to ‘think outside of the box’.  I am less scared of messing around with the tools, as that is how I learn best.   

What skills and tools would you like to continue to explore and develop now that the course is wrapping up? 

I would like to explore Google Classrooms and Class Dojo specifically.  I want to become familiar with tools outside of Office 365, as it is not used in every district.  I am looking forward to going back through the course content and take a better look at the tools.