Activity 1 – Interactive Text

Create an infographic on Canva analyzing one of the characters from Fahrenheit 451 (Clarisse, Montag or Beatty).

This example is one that I hope to use with my English 12’s for their character analysis assignment.  Having a description of the proposed product of the assignment associated with the application will hopefully answer some of the first questions that may arise.  Students are more familiar with a poster rather than an infographic, so a short and concise description will be a good introduction.

Activity 2 – Interactive Graphic

This image aims to ease students into the qualities of dystopia and encourage them to find some of their own. I would love for this to serve as an example before giving students a class period to find and label their dystopic images.

Activity 3 – Interactive Video

Learning goal: Identify bias, contradictions, distortions, and omissions