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EDDL 5131 Assignment 3: E-Portfolio

Welcome to my E-portfolio!  Throughout EDDL 5131, I have learned the research behind creating and using multimedia and had the opportunity to develop my own.  Here are some examples. Video: Characteristics of Dystopia Context:  This video is to be used… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Week 12 Activities

Activity 1 – Interactive Text Create an infographic on Canva analyzing one of the characters from Fahrenheit 451 (Clarisse, Montag or Beatty). This example is one that I hope to use with my English 12’s for their character analysis assignment. … Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Week 10/11 Activity 7 – Student Video Activities

Activity 1 Course: Grade 11 English First Peoples Topic: Identity Grade/age level: 11/15-16 Learning Outcome: Demonstrate speaking and listening skills in a variety of formal and informal contexts for a range of purposes Applications needed: Device with video recording capabilities, Canva Sharing and… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Week 10/11 Activity 3-6 Video

Activity 3:Record and edit a video I used my Android device to record the original videos.  I was trying to create a story as an example for my English 12 First Peoples class, who will be writing their own stories… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Week 10/11 Activity 2 – Integrate Video Resources

Subject: English 12 Lesson: Irony in Autodale “Children’s Toys”  Learning Outcome: Identifying and comprehending figurative language in a visual text. Supplies: Fill in the blank worksheet, Video “Autodale: Children’s Toys” Time frame: One class period Delivery: Facilitator will need to… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Week 10/11 – Activity 1 Instructional Video

In my English 12 class, with a focus on censorship and then dystopia, video plays a substantial role.  Within the affordances described by Woolfit, the most applicable are: building rapport, telling stories, visual juxtaposition and multimedia presentation.  Visual texts are… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Activity 7 – Generate and Embed a Transcript for an Audio File

IV. Death by Water This video would be shown as an exemplar for a Grade 12 Dystopia Assignment analyzing the poem “The Waste Land” by T. S. Eliot.  Part 4 is the shortest portion of the poem, making students feel… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Week 9 – Audio Activities 3-6

Activity 3: Record Audio Activity 4: Edit Audio I cut out a bunch of the long pauses I took in my reading as I felt they were too long and might lead to the listener disengaging.  I had originally put… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Week 9 – Activity 2: Source Audio for Educational Use

Learning outcome:• Transform ideas and information to create original texts, using various genres, forms, structures, and styles I chose this song from Free Music Archive.  I plan to use it as part of the exemplar for my English 12’s final… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5131 Assignment 2: Develop an Online Media Assignment

Grade 8 English Final Project – context  This is a year-long Grade 8 English class of 27 students of diverse backgrounds and abilities, including several Individual Education Plans which require adaptations to assignments and expectations.    The focus of the course… Continue Reading →

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