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EDDL 5101 – Assignment #4

How were places named and was it right? Activity Description As we work towards decolonizing our curriculum and society, there is debate over renaming cities and infrastructure that were named for leaders, politicians, explorers and other people of import in… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101 Week 9 Activity 1: Creating a Welcome Video

I made this video using PowToon, a free video creation website.  While the process was incredibly easy, I stayed within the free options, which limited my options a fair amount.  I would have enjoyed being able to upload my own… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101 Week 8 Activity 2: Finding Resources

Overarching goal for Technology Integration Activity: uses a variety of digital media (text, images, audio, and movie) to express him/herself creatively (BC’s Digital Literacy Framework). Programs: Sway, Flipgrid (a suggestion during a Zoom roundtable) Sway is a presentation program that… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101 Week 8 Activity 1: Academic Honesty

The internet is flooded with pictures and samples of music that provide no information where they came from, unless you already know.  Students borrow from various sources, not know that credit needs to be given to its creator.  Academic honesty… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5111 Assignment 2A: Draft Unit Plan

Analysis: Genocide Studies often handles sensitive subject matter and this can prove to be a deterrent if mishandled. Reliable internet (especially outside of school) and access to technology other than a cell phone are issues that can impact a student’s… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101 Week 7 Blog Post #8: Diffusion Simulation Game Experience

At first, I found the game intimidating with all of its instructions, but I was relieved that everything was written out in simple language and tips were given as needed.  The game was reminiscent of Risk or other strategy games. … Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101 Week 6 Blog Post #67 Thoughts on Alternate Learning Spaces

This week I delved into the world of Second Life as a synchronous online learning space.  Sadly, my experience was coloured by a less than ideal laptop and bandwidth.  Once I had adjusted to the lag, which affected how I… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5111 Week 7 Blog Post 5: Design Perspectives

Throughout the readings for this week, I was struck by the addition of the fourth dimension, that of spirit.   Connections have been a key component of my teaching within my current district and is strongly encouraged.  Many of my learners… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5101 Assignment 3: Exploring Digital Solutions

Check out the SWAY presentation highlighting a possible solution to the problem presented regarding engagement in Social Justice 12. https://sway.office.com/VjtuzEgcNQn44XPT PDF version: Exploring Digital Solutions  

EDDL 5101 Blog Post #5 – Tweet Chat Experience

I was able to take part in the Tweet chat of #bcedchat on October 17th.  I hoped it would be of benefit to me as a BC teacher and provide me with insights and connections.  The structure was like nothing… Continue Reading →

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